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Fitique Booty Bands – How to Use ‘em

Looking to bring out that bubble butt? With Fitique’s Booty Bands, toning your glutes and thighs will be nothing but easy and convenient especially for those who are on-the-go.

More than a Rubber Band

Some might think – How would some “rubber band” add more hump to your trunk? It’s not as complicated as its sounds, but it’s as simple as putting your legs in between the Booty Band. If used to its potential, using fitness bands like Fitique’s Booty Bands can really benefit the body – most especially your glutes and legs.

Getting the best out of your Booty Bands

Even without proper gym equipment and using just the Booty Bands alone, there are various exercises you can do to achieve your goals. Other than that, our Booty Bands offer 4 levels of intensity to suit your preferred tension in your workouts. For starters, here is a sample workout video using the Booty Bands.

Whether at the comfort of your own home or at the gym, Hump Day just got more fun and easy with Fitique Booty Bands!

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