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Need to lose weight..... fast?

Do you need to drop a few pounds fast? Do you have a party or special occasion coming up and you can’t quite fit into that special dress? Do you have to lie on the bed to do up your jeans? If so, then Fitiques’s new Burn Belt might be just what you need to help you lose a few pounds quickly and get you into that party dress.

The Burn Belt is designed to be worn underneath your clothing while you are working out, encouraging your body to work up a sweat and lose weight. When you wear the Burn Belt it will raise your core body temperature and get you producing lots more sweat as your body tries to cool itself down.

More sweat equals more weight loss! Sweet!

Wrap the Burn Belt around your waist while doing your cardio work out and get ready to sweat, sweat, sweat and burn, burn, burn!

Sweat more – lose more (weight that is)!!

Even if you are just beginning your weight loss journey, the Burn Belt can help you look smaller. Wear it under your clothes around the house, at work, or doing the shopping. Wrap tightly around your waist, and the Burn Belt will compress your fat cells.

The Burn Belt can also help you improve your posture. Wrap the Burn Belt around your waist to suck in your stomach and straighten your back. The Burn Belt forces you to improve your posture as it is hard to slouch when you wear the Burn Belt.

Keep a look out for Fitique’s soon to be released Burn Belt, available in a range of funky colours and designs and get ready to burn, baby, burn!!

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