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Slim down with Fitique Burn Belt and Fitique Burn Cream

To maximise your results and compliment your weight loss journey, Fitique's Burn belt will take your workout to the next level. The belt is designed to increase the body’s internal core temperature to intensify sweat production during exercise and promote thermogenesis. Increased circulation in your midsection will help to detoxify the body, remove excess water weight and reduce bloating in minutes. Get ready to sweat, target stubborn fat and slow responding problem areas and increase calorie burn with each use.

Made from lightweight, flexible material, the belt can be worn comfortably under clothes and will mould to your body providing a slim and contoured appearance. As well as weight loss, when used consistently the waist trimmer also provides lumbar and abdominal support and improves your posture.

Used in combination with the scientifically formulated burn cream, it will help you to slim down, contour your waist and create the physique you’ve always wanted.

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