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Burn Fat Fast with these Fitique Nutrition Tips!

The human body is a remarkably adaptable machine, constantly changing and evolving, whether it be for better or for worse. For most people, each year gone is another year of neglect for their aging body, where they’ve allowed pound after pound to fill their frame. With the expanding of their waste-lines, most people begin a fitness journey, where they hope to drop a few dress sizes, and if they’re lucky enough, add some roundness to their booty!

If you’re starting your weight-loss journey, follow these eight easy-to-implement steps, and progress will come in a hurry!

1. Cardio sessions daily are key. Fasted cardio at low intensity in the morning on an empty stomach will utilise fat stores as energy. Try walking at a brisk pace for 45 minutes or alternatively using the elliptical or bike at the gym at a steady state. Ensuring you don’t exceed steady state during this time will prevent muscle breakdown.

2. Train your lower body at least twice a week. Targeting legs burns more calories and promotes thermogenesis

3. Practice mind to muscle connection. This is one of the fundamental keys to a successful lift session. When training it is absolutely vital that you use your mind to properly engage, contract, and work that muscle group.

4. Utilise compound movements such as squats, deadlifts, overhead press, pull-ups and cleans. These will activate and engage more muscle groups. Try alternating heavy and slow reps with light and fast reps to get your heart rate up.

5. Avoid eating fake ‘health food’. In efforts to burn fat and lose weight, avoid building a diet around advertised health foods such as fat-free ice-cream and sugar free soft drink. Your weight loss diet should be built around healthy, natural foods and not fake health foods that will actually lead to weight gain!

6. Consume at least 3L of water a day to promote hydration and regular cell metabolism and functioning. Try drinking warm water with lemon on an empty stomach and between meals to promote fat burning.

7. Foam roll after intense sessions to release muscle tension acquired during exercise.

8. Incorporate more lean protein into your meals. ‘Skinny Whey’ formulated by Fitique Nutrition is a natural, clean and nutritious protein supplement that you can enjoy pre or post workout. Our premium protein aids in building muscle but also contains fat burning ingredients including L- carnitine, Garcinia Cambogia, and green coffee extract designed to keep your body in a thermogenic state throughout the day. When used in conjunction with a training program, our whey protein will help you to achieve a toned, fit and slim physique.

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