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I'm the biggest sized woman amongst all the other Finalists. So losing weight was one of the primary goals that I must achieve during the one month period before the Prejudging day & Grandfinals.


Being big sized doesn't mean it is bad. It was just that I was concerned about my health, as I starting feeling tired quicker and could hardly breathe after I walked quickly or when I was running, and so I felt very uncomfortable.


I have been using Frock Rocker for the past 14 days.

It helped me exercise more efficiently as it made me feel less tired during workouts and helped me digest my food better. I also felt much more energetic soon after I started using it.

Before I started taking Frock Rocker, my weight was 68kg. But now I'm 67kg, and I lost 1kg in 14 days.


I'm very thankful to the Nutrition Depot SG for being so generous as to support the Finalists of Mrs Singapore World 2017.

Grace Loe

Contestant No.14 Mrs Singapore World 2017

My heartfelt thank you for introducing & sponsoring this amazing product to all the gorgeous ladies of Mrs Singapore World 2017/18. My real life experience with the Fitique Nutrition Frock Rocker 14 day killer body has been amazingly awesome. It really helps me in reducing 5 kilograms of my body weight.

Definitely, not forgetting to purchased my 2nd box at your store. Just a compliment and a thumbs up to Shaun who has been a great help, who took the time to explained to me the differences of the other supplements.

Thank you once again Nutrition Depot for your generous sponsorship for the Mrs Singapore World 2017/18.

Dwi Lestari Nursamsam

Mrs Singapore World 2017/18 Contestant

Having completed my 2 weeks taking the 14-day killer body tablets, I would like to thank you very much for the supplement as it has been personally very effective. 


I have lost weight, I feel more toned and there is a drop in bloatedness too. I started seeing results within the 1st week where I noticed my body started to detox and having completed the 2nd week, I am slimmer. 


Thank you once again, here is a picture of my weight loss after 2 weeks and have shared my positive results on Facebook too. 


Sheena Vaswani

Contestant No.2 Mrs Singapore World 2017

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